A life's passion brought to life in Piemonte

The garden is full of surprises and the culmination of my life's passion for horticulture. It is an artists and photographers paradise; Spring brings the blossom and the roses; Summer heat swells the perfumed herbs and smiling sunflowers; Autumn brings the mists and the smell of fermenting grapes and Winter is stark with cobwebs glistening with icey frosts.

Set in the UNESCO area of Monferrato, one can find ancient oyster fossils from a Jurassic age and an abundance of wildlife which changes with the seasons. Large hares bound in the meadow, chewing on the rich grass and the gentle deer stroll through the vineyard or play on the hillside in the morning sun.

A coulourful array of butterflies feed on the rich nectar sharing their feed with thousands of busy bees. The night time brings the screaching of the owls as they hunt their prey, and the constant hissing of the grasshoppers and crickets hopping in the grasses.

You can saunter through the spring meadow and smell the scent of wild mint crushed under foot, sit for a while in contemplation on the arbour seat amongst the roses and honeysuckle or take a walk through the vineyard to inspect the grapes and take in the views.


Casa Del Roseto

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Casa del Roseto, the vineyard

Autumn colour